Tunis Village

The small village of Tunis (‘izbat Tunis) is located in the oasis of Fayoum , on the way to Wadi Rayan. Located on a hill facing a large salt water lake, the village overlooks a stunning view of the edge of the desert on the other side of the lake. It is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt.

In the 1980s, Evelyne Porret, a potter from Switzerland, moved here with her husband Michel Pastore, and built a house and pottery studio. She was the first potter in the village, and trained many of the local children in the craft of pottery. Several of her students ended up creating their own pottery studio.


Over the last thirty years, artists, painters, writers, journalists and others from Cairo and elsewhere, have built mud-brick houses in the village, as well as an Art Center which all contribute to Tunis’ lively artistic feel. Today, the village counts a School,  more than ten Pottery Studios, and hosts an annual Pottery Festival

Fayoum Art Center:

Fayoum Art Center is a Non Profit Organization founded by Egyptian artist, Mohamed Abla in 2006, inspired by the International Summer Academy in Salzburg where Abla taught for several years. Fayoum Art Center is dedicated to connecting artists locally, regionally and internationally through the creation of art. It does so by providing several large studio spaces, art library, living areas and a communal dining room which fosters the collaboration between its participants. The center is also home to the first Caricature Museum in the Middle East, which holds a vast collection of caricatures by artists such as Saroukhan, George El Bahgoury and Ahmed Toughan.

Entrance Fees : 10 EGP.

Tunis Village Annual Handicrafts Festival

Tunis pottery festival is an annual event which takes place every autumn and brings together gifted artists-potters from Tunis, Cairo and other parts of Egypt, traditional artisans from rural villages, as well as creative potters from other countries. The festival offers participants a unique opportunity to explore the importance and value of different forms of pottery, learn from peers in a cross-cultural environment, create and experiment together, and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing Egyptian potters and pottery today.

Tunis offers several Guest Houses and lodges, for more info please follow this link

as well as a wide range of activities from Bird watching to Horse Riding

Horse Riding Lovers

11073709_10206234909657493_1628524975_n Les Chevaux Du Lac is a great Place for horseback riding in and around the Stunning Tunis Village. the center is  offering all kinds of horseback riding – for adults or kids, for well-riders or beginners. The price is 50 L.E./hour.

10154978_433792306787693_1756841024698601959_nMohamed Saleh is the owner of Les Chevaux du Lac and he organizes everything.

Contact Mohamed : 01002094774

 Bird Watching trips in Fayoum.


Since 2008 Ahmed Mansour Local bird watching guide has been guiding and organizing bird watching trips throughout the Fayoum region.

Go Bird Watching with Ahmed Mansour : 0100 377 9542



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