Flamingos in Fayoum

 Flamingos in lake Qaroun

Lake Qarun is an internationally designated “Important Bird Area,” where thousands of migratory birds rest during their winter migration pattern south. Flamingos, grey herons, spoonbills and many duck species, to name a few, flocked to the lake during the fall.

Unmistakable, with extremely long neck and legs and curiously shaped bill. Adult has pale pink plumage with black flight feathers, and pink bill with black tip. Forages by sweeping bill from side to side through water with head upside down , often submerged.  Breeds in isolated colonies on salt lakes in Turkey, but departs in autumn to spend the winter mainly in coastal areas, especially around the Salt lakes of northern Egypt ( Lake Qaroun, Wadi Rayan Lakes )

Photos sources : Lazib Inn , Doris Frei , Ahmed Mansour and Martin Gilmore. 

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