Things to do for free in Fayoum Oasis

 [8] Things to do for Free in Fayoum Oasis 


1- Bird Watching


Fayoum is a habitat for resident and migratory birds, especially in winter. About 162 species of migratory and resident birds were listed including:  flamingos, herons, ibis, spoonbills, skylarks, hoopoes, bee eaters…etc. Season one starts in mid September through the end of April with its peak being from mid December to the end of March. Season two starts in mid April through the end of August. The best time for watching is one hour before sunrise or directly before sunset.

2- Sand Boarding 


The desert of Fayoum allows for sand boarding but a tourist is advised to have his own board to practice this activity for free.

3- Hiking


Fayoum is endowed with a scenic country side and pristine desert so hiking is one of the most common activity to do in Fayoum Oasis for free.

4- Visits to the Handicrafts centers 



Local handicrafts reflect the creativity of man and place. The palm tree- based industry is the oldest and most common in Fayoum (in al-Alaam and al-Kaabi villages). In addition to basketry, farmers use different parts of palm trees to make traditional and arabesque furniture, mats and robes. Traditional pottery is processed in al-Nazla village using very old techniques while modern pottery flourishes in the village of Tunis. Other local handicrafts include wool and silk carpets, traditional mats (haseirah) and fishing nets. A tourist would visit such handicrafts processing centers for free, he just needs a car to get there.

5- Fishing


Fayoum is famous for its lakes; Lake Qaroun and the Lakes of Wadi Rayan but don’t forget to bring your own fishing rod.  The most common species Tilabia, Sole, Mullet and The gilthead sea bream.

6- Star gazing

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The desert of Fayoum is a perfect place for star gazing as sky is clear and there is no light pollution that may cause any visual obstacles.

 7- Biking


 Biking in Fayoum is a pleasure for a tourist, especially along the southern coast of Lake Qaroun and the roads leading to Wadi Rayan National Park and in Tunis Village.   

8- Meditation


Fayoum is a good place to meditate in nature using Fayoum’s natural surroundings as a focus for meditation. Attune with nature, enliven the senses, enjoy!


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