Bacchias (Kom Um El-Athl)

Bacchias Ruins

Greco-Roman town (332 BC-554AD) is located on the northeastern edge of Fayoum province not far from Karanis just 9.5 km east of it. Umm Al-Athl is the modern name for the ruins of this Ptolemaic village.

Bacchias was located along the ancient caravan road from Memphis to Medinet Fayoum (Arsinoe at the time). Once containing approximately 700 mud brick houses and about 3,000 people. The village was founded in the 3rd century BCE and abandoned around the fourth century CE. Although most of the houses are now rubble, several interesting ruins are still standing.

the Temple by Alberto Silioti

The village includes a temple dedicated to one of the forms of the crocodile god Sobek. The site awaits more excavations, although an Italian mission from the University of Bologna discovered in 1993 the stone structure of the temple which has previously been believed to be built entirely of mud brick – it is now thought that the large mud brick buildings represent storerooms attached to the stone structure of the temple.

A few Fayoum portraits were found here, many papyri and well preserved Roman baths. Three jars filled with 4,300 coins were found in the site by Petrie in 1889-90.


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