El Megrah Island in Lake Qaroun


The island is located in the northern western part of Qaroun Lake. A 30 minute boat ride takes you to this lovely island to enjoy one of the best exploring experiences in the Fayoum Oasis.

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The locals call it El Megrah because the island has a natural rock pier connecting it to the southern shore of lake Qaroun. However parts of this pier are visible only when the water level of the lake is low.


The island is considered a fishing post used by local fishermen.


The island is a perfect spot for picnics and bird watching with a marvelous view of the surrounding landscape.

How to go there?

There’s a camp in the southern shore ¬†of lake Qaroun, owned by Mr. Ali Kareem and provides boat trip to El Megrah Island.

Ali Kareem Camp: 01003464729

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