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AL Nazla Village

Nazla Village 


Located on a branch of Bahr el-Youssef and runs through a deep clay bed In the western part of Fayoum. The river clay is used for a local handmade pottery , for many, it’s a pottery paradise. Potters of Nazla use a very particular technique to make a spherical pot based on combination of wheel-thrown and hammer-and-anvil. Work is carried out according to very old and traditional methods of producing pottery that have not changed much since Pharaonic times.

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About Fayoum

A majestic desert, expanses of luxuriant land, lakes and waterfalls: let yourselves be captivated by the beauties of the Fayoum Oasis, ‘Little Egypt’. If you have always dreamt of losing yourselves in the immense Milky Way while lying among the desert dunes, listening to the stories of the dynasties of pharaohs that have marked the history of a civilization thousands of years old, guided by the skilled hands of young artisans, the ‘guardians’ of the ancient handiwork techniques, then Fayoum is the destination for you. Continue reading About Fayoum