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The North of Lake Qaroun, Lost Land Adventure

The North of Lake Qaroun

north of lake qaroun

The northern shore of Lake Qarun in the Faiyum Depression, from Kom Aushim in the east to Quta in the west is one of the most archaeologically sensitive areas in Egypt. Continue reading The North of Lake Qaroun, Lost Land Adventure

Qarun Lake National Park

Fayoum’s Lake Qaroun National Park

Arial view of the Lake

Date of Announcement: 1989

Area: 1385 Km2

Type: Wetlands

is one of Egypt’s richest and most treasured natural landmarks.  Lake Qarun received its protectorate status, not only because of its obvious beauty and importance for birds and people, but also for its unparalleled historical, natural and scientific importance. Continue reading Qarun Lake National Park