The monastery of El-Azab


Deir Azab.
Known with the monastery of Saint Abram and Saint Virgin Mary.
El-Azab Monastery is located 6 Km south of Medinet El-Fayoum. It is considered one of the most important monasteries in the Fayoum because it is the burial place of Anba Abram, the favorite bishop of Fayoum and Giza from 1882 to 1914. This monastery was built in the 12th century by Peter, the bishop of the Fayoum. Very little of the 12th century original building is still remaining in the church of saint virgin, while everything looks modern

Abo Siyfeen church.
The monastery contains five churches but the two principle churches can be observed in the monastery the first one is Abu Seifeen church which is completely modern and Virgin Mary church.
Abu Seifeen church:
This church is completely modern، and it is characterized by its remarkable domes also this church includes the remains of the Fayoum Martyrs and other martyrs encased in ornamented red velvet in glass boxes.
Virgin Mary Church.
Virgin Mary church:
few parts of the original building which dates back to the 12th century are exist in this church and it is dedicated to saint Virgin Mary. The church is rectangular in shape and divided into four aisles by three colonnades every one of them is consists of three circular columns these aisles end with four irregular shaped sanctuaries in the eastern side of the church and there is a wooden screen separates these sanctuaries of the church’s aisles.
The monastery houses  the museum of Anba abram and his burial place

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