The Hanging Mosque

The Hanging Mosque
The Hanging Mosque

The mosque was named hanging mosque “ Al-Moallaq” because it was built on shops. i\It dates back to the Othman period. Built by prince Soliman Ibn Hatem on 966 AH. The mosque was built on plateau and it could be reached from the side of Bahr Youssef .the plan and the inscriptions of the mosque resemble the Mamluqi Mosques.

The ceiling is rich with writing inscriptions and decorations as the Ottomans were not against the civilizations progress and art neither in Egypt nor ottomans countries that each region had it independent character however the political subordination to ottomans empire.
the court and the side aisles.
The mosque lies in one of the biggest fayoum streets which crosses the city from the south to the north in the eastern part of the city. 
Entrance Fees : Free

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