Fayoum city ( Madinat Al Fayoum )

Jean-Léon Gérôme (French, 1824 – 1904 ), View of Medinet El-Fayoum, c. 1868/1870, oil on wood, Chester Dale Fund 2013.62.1

The city of Fayoum is the largest city in the Fayoum province and the Capital of the modern Fayoum Governorate. Originally called Shedet in Ancient Egypt, the Greeks called it Crocodilopolis or Krocodilopolis, the Romans called it Arsinoë and the Arabs Madinat Al Fayoum.  It is one of Egypt’s oldest cities, possibly the world and it was the seat of worship of the crocodile god, “Sobek”.

The end of Bahr Youssef canal in Fayoum city.

The city located today at a height of 22 meters above sea level on the banks of the Bahr Youssef canal which penetrates the Faiyum depression of its southeastern part and is divided into eight distributary canals which provide the Fayoum with water necessary for cultivation and drinking. The total population of the city of Fayoum is 851,125 inhabitants (Census 2014).

Fayoum Obelisk, possibly the oldest Obelisk in Egypt. 4000 years old.

The total area of the city is 1056 km2. The entrance to the city of Fayoum starts at the Obelisk square where a 4000 years old obelisk stands.

Downtown Fayoum city.

Fayoum downtown area is the commercial center of the Governorate where you can find several large bazaars,  Ancient mamluk and Ottoman mosques, The Waterwheels and a much-frequented weekly market. Fayoum city witnesses a boom in various educational stages (university education and pre-university).

Fayoum University.

The University of Fayoum which was built over the ancient ruins of Fayoum city ” Shedet” includes fifteen Faculties and institutes which is considered as a pioneer scientific research center in Middle Egypt.

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