Kom Ushim Museum

The Museum.

The Museum of Kom Oshim is located at the entrance of the Greaco-Roman town, Karanis. The museum was built in 1974 in an area of ​​280 * 160 m then it was expanded with ​​850 * 350 m by the supreme council of Antiquities. It was opened recently as part of the Antiquities ministry’s plan to develop and re-open museums that had closed, with a view to promoting domestic and international tourism. 

Inside the Museum.

It consists of two floors and exhibits collections from the Prehistoric era to the Greco-Roman era as well as a collection from the Coptic and the Islamic era. The masterpiece of the museum is a Fayoum Mummy Portrait of a man. Labels are in Arabic and English.

Open daily, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Egyptian: LE 10, (LE 5, students)
Foreigner: LE 60

*Photos: www.fayoumegypt.com 

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