Golden Horn Island

The Golden Horn Island lies approximately in the middle of Lake Qaroun with an area of about 2 square kilometers. It is considered as an important fossils site in Egypt and an internationally important bird area.

The island as seen from the sky.

The island’s has a long sandy beach and have been declared as a core of the protected areas. . Being acceptably protected from predators, the island is a haven for breeding seabirds, and is a resting and feeding post for winter visitors and passage migrants.

the island’s landscape.
Over one thousand species of birds visit this island each year, many of which nest on its remote shores. The island supports globally significant bird species and it has been classified as an”Important Bird Area” by Bird Life International and similarly renowned environmental organizations.


The island was King Farouk’s favorite hunting spot. It houses the ruins of the king’s  hunting lodge and a shaft dug to keep the gazelles.


Remains of King Farouk’s Hunting lodge on the island.
the shaft dug for King Farouk on the island to keep the Gazelles until he comes. when in, they let the Gazelles out to be ready for a hunting expedition.

Photos: Mohamed Mabrouk – Maha Photography.

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