Lahun Pyramid

El Lahun Pyramid
The complex was built by the architect Anupy for king Senusert II in the 12th dynasty. It consists of the mud brick pyramid and eight mastabas to the north of the pyramid, and the so-called Queen’s pyramid.

The Pyramid


It is considered the first of the giant mud brick pyramids. It had a length of 106 m, a slope of 42 35 and a height of 48.6 m (Lehner, 1997). The structure of the pyramid is supported with a natural rocky core that was cut to accept a pyramid top, large limestone cross walls provided support for the brick sectors, which were then cased in limestone

The layout of the pyramid reflects the fact that the pyramid marks a complete departure of the usual arrangement of an entrance on the north. Instead, the pyramid is entered by a narrow vertical shaft at the east end of its south side.
Entrance Shaft.
The king’s body and funerary furniture were probably carried down this shaft, but it was too narrow for the red granite sarcophagus and blocks of the burial chamber. This disguise, which required a new position for the pyramid’s entrance, may be the architect’s solution to the risk of the pyramid being robbed (Lehner, 1997). A sarcophagus was found in the burial chamber. It was built using great slabs of granite (Silliotti, 2003). The layout of corridors and rooms within the pyramid is unique and may reflect beliefs concerned with Osiris and the afterlife. 

The Opening of Lahun Pyramid to the public

Minister of Antiquities Khaled El-Enany declared on Friday 28th of June 2019 the opening of Lahoun pyramid and its burial chamber for visitors for the first time since its discovery during the end of the 19th century by William Flinders Petrie.

Dr. Khaled El Anany announcing the opening of Lahun Pyramid.

The conservation work of the pyramid started last November and included removal of debris found inside the pyramid’s corridor and the burial chamber and installing stairs and a lighting system to facilitate its entrance for the visitors.  Lahun Pyramid was constructed for King Senusert II of the 12th dynasty, the middle kingdom some 4000 years ago. Its original height is 48 meters. Built of mub brick, the pyramid’s entrance is a vertical shaft under an unknown princess’s tomb located to the south eastern side of the pyramid. This was interestingly made to deceive the pyramid robbers. 

Excavation works carried out on the southern side of the pyramid by an Egyptian team from Fayoum uncovered a tomb dates back to the middle kingdom, the tomb was used several times during different ages. The excavation team unearthed several artefacts date back to different ages. The artefacts include several cartonnage masks, coffin and amulets.

Watch as we walked inside the Pyramid!
Entrance Fees :
Site Foreigners Foreign Student Egyptians Egyptian Student
 Lahun Pyramid 60 EGP 30 EGP 10 EGP 5 EGP
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