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As to provide the Fayoum visitors with an ultimate Fayoum experience. Explore Fayoum founder, Mahmoud a.k.a Fayoumer, a local guide and a researcher based in Fayoum Governorate will take you on curated tours to explore fabulous Fayoum in different thematic itineraries to ensure an ultimate Fayoum experience. He will share with you his knowledge of the area and his interesting Fayoum stories.

  • Explore the Legacy of the Crocodile:

Fayoum in ancient time was the chief cult place of the Crocodile god Sobek. In this adventure we will have the chance to visit some crocodile temples in Fayoum Governorate. Pick up point of the 4WD near Tunis Village. We will start the adventure with visiting Qasr Qaroun Temple in the ancient city of Dioynsias after that we’ll stop at Egypt’s only waterfalls in Wadi Rayan National Park before proceeding to Medinat Madi City where the crocodile god, Sobek was worshiped together with cobra goddess of harvest, Rennuttet then we’ll go back to the Lower lake in Wadi Rayan National Park where we’ll stop the car in the gulf area to have lunch and relax.

  • Explore the Legacy of the Pharaohs:

The world’s most mysterious place, the Fayoum invites you to reveal its secrets. In this adventure we will have the chance to visit Karanis, a greaco – roman city and its temples and Hawara and Lahoun Pyramids . Pick up point of the normal car near Tunis Village or in Cairo. we’ll start the adventure with visiting Karanis and Kom Ushim Museum after that we’ll stop at the entrance of Fayoum city to see one of Egypt’s myterious Obelisks. We will head to visit Hawara Pyramid, the last of the great pyramids in Egypt. Built by King Amenemhat III to be the resting place for his mummy. After that we will head to Lahoun Pyramid, the first and the largest pyramid in Egypt to be built of mudbricks. The pyramid’s burial chamber is now open to visitors! Lunch will be served in one of the restaurants in Fayoum city.

  • Explore the Lost World of Fayoum (Pt1), The North of Lake Qaroun:

 On a 4WD, We’ll start this adventure with visiting Dimeh city or Soknopaious Nesos, a Greaco-Roman site with its magnificent ruins of temples, walls and a processional road. Then we’ll visit a 4000 years old temple of Qasr Sagha where we will admire its unique architecture, we’ll follow our way to the petrified forest, 37 millions years old forest with its fine preserved trunks of tress and a newly built open air museum after visiting the forest we’ll have a light lunch. We’ll continue exploring the area with a visit to the oldest paved road and the Widan El Faras mountains. Finally we’ll go to Qatrani camp overlooking Qaroun Lake to relax, chill and watch the sunset after that we’ll have dinner and we will orient our heads up to the sky to watch the stars and if the moon visibility is weak we’ll be able to see and the milkyway!

  • Explore the Lost World of Fayoum (Pt2), In and around Wadi Hitan:

We’ll start this adventure with visiting the upper lake of Wadi Rayan National Park and have an introduction about the protected area of Wadi Rayan. Then, we’ll proceed to the Panoramic View overlooking the lower lake of Wadi Rayan  after that a visit to the Magic Lake we’ll be made. then we’ll have the chance to vist Fayoum’s Extraordinary Wadi Hitan, the first and the only UNESCO natural heritage site in Egypt. We’ll have picnic (a light lunch) in Wadi Hitan Cafeteria and then we’ll continue exploring the Area ( The Cannonballs valley, some exciting caves and bashing on the dunes ). At the end we’ll have a delicious bedouin dinner (grilled chicken – vegetables – vegetables salad) in Qosour El Arab Camp after dinner we will orient our heads  to the sky to watch the stars and if the moon visibility is weak we’ll be able to see the milkyway!

  • Explore the Eternal Lake Moeris and Beyond! “Ride and Hike within Nature and History”

In this adventure, Fayoumer will take you on motor boat ride to explore the natural and the cultural history of Lake Moeris, now called Lake Qaroun. We’ll start the adventure by taking a motor boat from Shakshouk village to cross the lake. Our 1st stop is the golden horn island… in the island we will have a great chance to observe the island’s birds and explore the ruins of King Farouk rest-house. The island is a haven for breeding seabirds like the Seagulls. I it also a resting and feeding post for thousands of species of birds. It supports globally significance as it has been classified as an “Important Bird Area”.

Our 2nd stop is the northern shore of the Lake, we’ll chill and relax and have a delicious lunch. After the lunch we’ll start the hiking part of the adventure. A 45 minutes hike to the ancient city of Dimeh El Sibaa, We will know the story of this mythical ancient city and we will wander around its vast and magnificent ruins. After that we will hike back to the shore to watch the sunset and have a dinner under the stars. Finally we’ll take the motor boat back to Shakshouk village.

  • Explore the Jewels of the Fayoum! “A Day with the Farmers and the Artisans of the Oasis”

The Fayoum offers visitors a glimpse into traditional Egyptian rural life style with rich and complex ethnic culture groups containing farmers, Bedouins, and. This adventure will combine experienced local lifestyles and its related type of products and activities such as pottery, basketry. Many villages in Fayoum have outstanding traditional handicrafts telling the history and traditions of local people in Fayoum. The abundance of palm trees and clay found in the Fayoum are the reason the basketry industry got its start here. Fayoumer will take you on an adventure to spend a day with the artisans and to their local villages such as Tunis, Al Nazla and Al Agamiyeen the master craft centers of pots, baskets and open heritage museums that explains the culture and traditions. The countryside vacations are increasingly popular ways to experience farm living. They can also provide from 10 to 30 percent increase in the limited farmer’s income. The heritage of the agriculture industry in the Fayoum is a long and varied one. But agriculture land in the Fayoum is more than just a pretty landscape. It represents more than 60 % of the local economy as well. The Fayoum has one of the old and unique irrigation system cannot found elsewhere all over the world. After visiting the handicrafts villages we will head to a field near to the city of Fayoum where we will see the farmers working on their lands and the hidden Falafeel Waterwheel!


  • Transportation can be provided from Cairo to Fayoum and vice versa.
  • Above mentioned itineraries are flexible, Fayoumer can tailor an itinerary that suits your needs.
  • Above mentioned tours are based on full day guided tours.
  • Fayoumer prefers to work with small groups but big groups are also welcome.

For more information and inquiries on how to book one of the tours please contact us.

Our Tours Reviews

Unespected Fayoum

I’ve had the opportunity to visit Fayoum Governorate, more then one time, to collaborate with Fayoum Tourism Authority in the framework of an Italian cooperation project.
It was not only work but a fantastic experience lived together with a very passioned guide, Mahmoud that with its professionality, its competence, its deep knowledge of Fayoum Oasis and its friendship, supported me in delivering my tasks (I’ve developed two maps and a guidebook on Fayoum).
Fayoum is not only a place to visit (natural and cultural heritage are unique and fantastic!), it’s a place to live together with people, their culture and their traditions.
If you want to know the real Fayoum you need a special tour guide, a “Virgilio” leading you in discovering a magic piece of a wonderful country called Egypt.

Francesca Schiavone


We had such an amazing experience! We started off with a delicious breakfast where we met Mahmoud and he told us about our day. From there we made a handful of stops along the tour to check out some really awesome finds and beautiful views. The Wadi El Hitan experience was unlike any other and we would definitely go back to check this place out again! One of my favorite moments was learning about the hand crafted pottery from the local town – it was all so beautiful!

Alexandra Norton

Exciting day trip from Cairo!

My family and I absolutely loved our trip to the Fayoum! We enjoyed a typical Egyptian breakfast when we arrived in Tunis Village in the morning. Afterwards we visited Wadi el-Rayan and Wadi el-Hitan, which is one of the most spectacular and coolest places I’ve visited in Egypt! We finished the day in Tunis Village exploring the many pottery workshops.

Mahmoud is an excellent tour guide and has a wonderful passion for Egypt and the Fayoum! His vast knowledge of the natural and archaeological sites of the Fayoum and his passion for his work made the trip wonderful. His know-how and experience made the entire trip so easy. Everything was perfectly organized!

Brooke Norton


We visit fayoum in Jan , and thanks to our guide , we Discover all the best Place are in the area . We made and experience full immersed in fayoum history , our guide bring US in tunis Village and we appreciate the course of pottery , and show US all interessing view of fayoum area. The second day was full of adrenaline , we ‘ve visitare the Walley,the dunes, and all desert can offer . our guide give US full of information that only a person the love this Place can offer to you. I suggest to use or if you would like a Deep experience on fayoum .

Paolo arena

Visit Fayoum with Mahmoud Kamel Hassan

Fayoum is a magical place on Earth. There is so much to see and do. You will need a week or more to do it justice and a really good guide! Mahmoud is your guy! Our little dog fell in love with him. 🐶 He took us to soooo many amazing places…whale bone museum, bird watching, pottery shopping, ancient ruins and a really fun trip through part of the desert. Mahmoud speaks perfect English, is unbelievably knowledgeable and funny, and is just the nicest guy ever. By the end of our stay there, he made us feel like family. If you want an unforgettable adventure, contact Mahmoud and he will take care of you, like family!

Roberto Battioni

Good Photography Tour

I and my wife had a wonderful experience with Mahmoud as our tour guide. He knew exactly where to take us so we could make images that resonated with the culture and traditions. I would highly recommend Mahmoud for a great Fayoum experience.

Ali Khataw

Awesome adventure with a friendly face

Fayoumer took us for an adventure into Fayoum and showed us both the Wadi el Hitan and Wadi Rayan. Transport from Cairo was arranged very conveniently, then Fayoumer really impressed us with his knowledge as a guide of the area. He is, moreover, very friendly and will really listen to you and your wishes to make the best trip possible. Throughout the trip, we never felt rushed or pushed, it was an absolute pleasure to have Fayoumer with us as a companion guide. Besides the places we expected to visit, Fayoumer and his great Bedouin driver also took us to some unexpected and less well-known places.

Joost van den Oever

Authentic Fayoum

Me and my mother spent four nights in Fayoum and organised the tour to include the history, culture and lifestyle of the city. So we decided that Mr. Mahmoud will be our organiser and tour guide. The guide and tour was extremely good, very flexible (appreciate this!) and for that he deserves a special thanks.

Mr.Mahmoud is such a warm personality and highly motivated guide. I truly enjoyed walking and gaining knowledge about the culture and history of Fayoum. The scenery was beautiful and it was a relieve to walk in such a quiet and peaceful environment.

All respect for Mr.Mahmoud who does a great job.


My first visit had me

My first visit to Fayoum was in August 2018 where I was introduced to Mahmoud as my guide. One of the places we visited was Wadi Al Hitan where Mahmoud walked around with me and shared his wealth of knowledge on the area. It is amazing to know whales used to swim through the valley, we also visited Egypt’s only waterfall.

January 2020 I returned to Egypt and contacted
Mahmoud to organise another journey to Fayoum.
Mahmoud organised some very good trips but unfortunately I was not well and could not do everything planned. I did get to visit Roman ruins, Jebel Qatrani Open Air Museum, the oldest paved road, Tunis Village and so much more and I got to see Flamingos in the wild for the very first time!!

I can’t wait to return to Fayoum as there is still a lot more to explore in this beautiful piece of Egypt and I hope Mahmoud will available to show me around.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mahmoud as a guide. He is friendly, polite, very helpful, speaks English very well and is very knowledgeable what Mahmoud doesn’t know about Fayoum isn’t worth knowing.

Carole Walle

Rich and diverse tour

Mahmoud is an excellent guide with contagious passion for his work and Egypt. He definitely went the extra mile to make our 1 day desert safari amazing. We saw an amazing diversity of historical and natural sights, had amazing food and overall enjoyed a great time with Mahmoud.

Highly recommend

Julien Lajoie-Deschamps
United Kingdom

Unforgettable tour in the Desert and Fayoum

Yes, when we think of Egypt the first thing that comes to mind are: the pyramids, Sphinx, camels, markets spices… and it s true all this is amazing, but for me and my partner, what will stay in our hearts, is the desert! The desert, with Mahmoud as a guide and Omar as a driver. Mahmoud knows the desert as his second home… and knows all the history of it and is able to describe it as a story that can be heard with interest from an adult but equally from a child… we had the best guide in the desert and the fayoum area. Unfortunately we had only 4 days in total in Egypt so we had the chance to have one day with Mahmoud in Fayoum, but we will go back to Egypt with Mahmoud Kamel Hassan as a guide, to explore more this part of Egypt and the desert for more days.
PS: we were there during Easter…we had one of our best meals in the desert, prepared by Omar the driver, a bedouin collaborating with Mahmoud, who also knows the desert like the back of his palm.
In total, Mahmoud made us feel secure, happy, and made us love Egypt more and want to return Back one day…
Recommending the experience 1000% !! 🙂 One cannot visit Egypt without visiting the desert and Mahmoud is THE GUIDE!! 🙂

Christina Tsoungrani

The best person to see Fayoum with!

We visited Fayoum in December 2020 and it is one the most cherishing memories of Egypt that I will carry with me for a lifetime! It was all the more enjoyable because Mahmoud was with us the entire time! There were two very young kids with us too, he made sure we stopped at only the safest of places and the best prices. We even got a last minute upgrade at the Qatrani Camp, Qaroun lake that made our night under the stars amazing! He had organized the entire schedule for us and according to our preferences including a visit to the Ibis Restaurant twice! He is well versed with English so we had no trouble at all. I would do it again and still have him as my guide. Last but not the least, he is very knowledgeable about the history and geography of the Fayoum region, so we got to hear very interesting stories about every place we visited. Needless to say, he took awesome pictures with his DSLR and was kind enough to send them over my email as soon as we got home! Loved every minute, would recommend Mahmoud and his team to any one who wishes to experience Fayoum as it should be! Cheers.
I wanted to give it a five star but seems like there is a technical glitch, nevertheless, doesn’t lessen my satisfaction.

Dhruv Mishra

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